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Learn all the steps to develop gracefully 

...with the help of your Nainnaines, Kenya, Nina & Zeita.


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Designed with you in mind

Hi, we are your Nainnaines (godmothers): Kenya, Nina & Zeita. We all have daughters, and we know that talking to them about their period is a different experience for everyone. Some people may feel completely comfortable, while others may think its well...VERY awkward. We understand, and either way, we are here for you. 

The Dèveloppè Box includes elements that will help make the experience less frightening and help you teach your young one the art of self care at the beginning of this journey. 

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"We don't want you and your girls to have to think of your cycle as a curse. It's a celebration-of a new stage of life"

— "Nainnaine" Kenya Woods, Founder & CEO

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Your Nainnaines*

*Godmothers, the founders

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A French Afro Creole term meaning "godmother". Nina is from New Orleans, and her Nainnaine was a special part of her childhood. We at Développé wanted to pass on that feeling of having a special person in your life her cares for you & helps mom out from time to time. We are happy and excited to be a part of your young loved one's journey. 

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